About us

Located in the Heart of Taunton


Taunton Antiques Center is an antiques and collectibles co-operative mall and more.

Welcome to our website. Taunton Antiques Center is one of New England’s largest antiques centers serving antiques dealers and collectors for over 20 years.

In-house Experts

The Taunton Antiques Center has in-house experts with a combined 75 years experience.


We advertise via newspaper ads, web site, faxes and e-mails to our extensive list of customers. We market your estate or individual heirlooms worldwide through our online store, multiple online websites, auctions and our retail paying customers.

Our values

Honest appraisals and personal integrity drive our business.

Why use us?

We strive to offer the best service tailor-made to suit each particular client while upholding an honest and professional standard at all times.

We Buy Gold

Come in today and find out how much your old jewelry is worth.